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Tomer’s Product Selection lecture in Amazon Headquarters UK


My Services

'Amazon Simplified' program


'Amazon Simplified' program is relevant for FBA Sellers who have launched 1 product and want to continue to expand as Amazon's brands. You receive full access to a 10 weeks experience which will simplify every aspect of the Amazon business.

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Mastermind Coaching


Mastermind Coaching is the flagship service that is aimed at Amazon sellers who are ready to take action. In this advanced program, Tomer directs a group of 5 people and helps them reach their goals through his unique approach and tools he created.

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Top Dog Summit


This will be the 4th event which is hosted by Tomer, in Bulgaria. Each year a small group of advanced Amazon sellers meet in a closed workshop and get the chance to meet the most powerful sellers in the industry.

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'Secret' Project


In the past year, Tomer has been working on something that will complete all the dots about the experience I have, the tools I developed, and the sellers I coached. Stay tuned

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