Welcome to my website. Feel free to peruse my story — it’s been quite the journey over the years. Everything that I have been through has shaped me into the person I am today. I hope my story will both intrigue and inspire you!




I was an entrepreneur from a young age. At just 10 years old, I performed my first professional magic show at a local kindergarten for 50 Israeli Shekels, which equates to around $15 USD.

When I turned 17, I began performing magic for adult audiences. I was even on an Israeli television show at age 20, where I was introduced as “the guy with the fastest hands in Israel” (which you can view in the brief video clip below). I performed magic professionally until I was 27 years old, but I still occasionally perform for fun today — when the moment is right.

When I reached the age of 18, I served my mandated time in the military as every Israeli citizen does. I served for three and a half years in intelligence. In 2006, just a year into my service, the Second Lebanon War began. At its conclusion, I was awarded the highest military commendation for my commitment and complex tasks that I handled during that time.

Upon graduating from the military, I came to the United States, where I sold magic kits in mall kiosks. This was one of the places I honed my sales skills the most — by standing on my feet for 11 hours a day, six days a week and stopping random people in the mall to convince them to buy a magic kit.

When I returned to Israel, I attended college, where I studied economics and business. During my second year of college, I was the opening act for many Israeli comedians, performing jokes and magic tricks in front of hundreds of college students weekly. In my final year of college, I was the head of the student body, managing over 30 people.

My first job once I graduated college was with Maof, an Israeli agency funded by the government to help small businesses grow. Simultaneously, I began working on the Amazing Selling Machine course and launched my first product in March 2015. I didn’t have any experience, but I had a passion to learn and grow. I constantly read business-related books and met with entrepreneurs from various different industries, gleaning as much information as I could.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to take a leap of faith. I left Maof and pursued my Amazon business full-time. That same year, I started Top Dog Summit with a few friends — an event aimed toward large-scale Amazon sellers. This event has been held annually for three years, save for a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following year, I began consulting with Amazon sellers in small groups and workshops through a program I dubbed Breakthrough Mastermind Coaching. I established this coaching program in combination with The Culture of Achievement — a community of entrepreneurs focused on Amazon selling, which meets annually in Romania. Over that time, I have coached over 100 sellers in the program, spent countless hours refining the design and tools of the program, and built a core team of three.

In my free time, when I am not at events, conducting coaching calls, or working on my own Amazon business, I enjoy afternoons and evenings with my wife and two children.

One of my main beliefs is that “You can replicate mastery.” I reached the highest level of being sleight of hand at such a young age, and I took those skills and applied them to my own business, as well as sharing them with my clients. In a short period of time, I have become one of the most sought-after speakers for Amazon seller events all around the world.




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