The 6 Star Experience is a talk I initially planned to do in ‘Top Dog Summit’ earlier this year, however that didn’t happen due to Covid19. I ended up doing online in a few events I was invited to, and the video above is from the most recent one which was for an Australian community with over 300 people who attended live.

This is my methodology on how to get organic 5-star reviews.
Businessmen tend to call the service part “customer service” however it’s a complete versatile ecosystem that starts earlier in the product’s development stage.
In this video, I demonstrate throughout different Amazon’s live examples and studies, why we need to aim for a higher rating than what we think we should, in order to receive more 5-star reviews and keyword ranking.
By the end of this video, you will receive many ideas on upgrading your own products and have a clear system in place to receive more 5-star reviews.

This 40 minutes talk is the introduction to my in-depth workshop I run about 6 Star Experience.  Since Amazon has released new features to handle negative reviews, it’s not really clear what’s allowed and not allowed when using inserts, and delivering a good experience to the customer is more important than ever when the customers can just leave a one-star rating without writing anything.

In the workshop, I share what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to getting 5-star organic reviews, as well as how to handle negative reviews correctly.

I share with you EVERYTHING I’ve learned about customer experience over the past few years, as well as pass on concrete tips you can implement in your brand right NOW!

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