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The Six Star Experience For Amazon Sellers

The Amazon seller space is a competitive marketplace. Things like email follow-ups, Facebook Messenger bots, a vine program, and a request review button are all important aspects which can help grow your Amazon business. Here’s the catch: Even if you do every single one of these things well, it won’t amount to much — unless you create a six-star experience for the customer.

Receiving a five-star review on Amazon is imperative. Anything less than a five-star review hurts your business. You will not be successful without a system in place to ensure you don’t receive negative reviews, while instead gaining organic, five-star reviews. 

The secret for establishing this system of ensuring you receive quality reviews on your products can be laid out in six steps or “stars,” which I will outline below. 

1st Star: Does It Do What It’s Supposed to Do?

This is the simple baseline for any product or service. If it doesn’t, at minimum, perform as advertised, the business is in jeopardy. You need to be clear and concise about what your product does and does not do. 

For example, if you sell a product like bluetooth headphones for $20, many will be skeptical that it will perform to the standard of other brands. Even at a bargain, if it performs poorly, you will receive less than five stars on your reviews. Meanwhile, brands like Beats and Bose have five-star reviews, despite being much more expensive. The key is that people are willing to pay a premium for something that works exactly how it was described and delivers on the promise of quality.

2nd Star: Understanding That Patience Doesn’t Exist.

When someone buys a product, they want to unbox it, plug it in, and begin using it immediately. It should work right away, with minimal instructions or tinkering required. If the item necessitates more steps, be sure to make them clear and concise.

A great way to make it easier on the customer is to not only include a printed manual, but also offer links to Google Doc manual or a PDF. If it is something particularly complicated or nuanced, a Youtube video link is a great way to make it simple for the customer. 

The last thing you want to happen is for someone to open your product and become frustrated that the setup is too complicated. They will then do one of two things: ask for a refund or, even worse, leave you a one or two-star review.

3rd Star: Is Your Product Actually Worth Five Stars? 

Your product may be good — but if it doesn’t accomplish its purpose at an exceptional level, then it isn’t worth five stars. If you were forced to leave an honest review for your product, would YOU leave yourself a five-star review? 

Amazon customers who leave reviews aren’t out of the ordinary, but to get five-star reviews, you’ll need to inspire people who don’t normally leave reviews to feel compelled to leave one due to being overwhelmingly satisfied. 

On a side note, if you’re not your target customer, talk to someone who is. Hand them your product and a few of the competitors’ products and ask them for each they would leave a review for, how many stars they will give the products, and their reasoning behind why they left that amount of stars.

4th Star: Are You The Best At What You Are Selling? Can You Improve? 

There’s always going to be competition, but if you aren’t constantly looking for ways to enhance your product, customer service, and customer experience, you won’t be the best.

Take time to consistently audit your business and how you are doing. There’s some way you can improve, and if you continue to look for ways to get better, your customers will take note and reward you with organic, honest reviews.

5th Star: Your Customer Service Needs To Be Perfect. 

If your customer service is anything less than stellar, you will not receive 5-stars. Customer service is important — and not just when you are attempting to solve a problem or issue with a product for the customer. But customer service shouldn’t be the only communication you have with the customer. Ideally, customer service should only be five percent of your communications, while the other 95 percent should be more focused on customer experience. Think of it this way: Your best customers aren’t the ones emailing you about issues with the product. They are happy and everything is working as it should. You normally hear from customers when they are dissatisfied, but be proactive and reach out to your satisfied customers and stay engaged with them. 

6th Star: Overdeliver And Surprise The Customer. 

If you get what you expected, you will be happy. If you receive more than expected, you feel excited and eager to show appreciation. So when you are asked to give a review, you are more likely to take the time and actually give an organic, five-star review. Think of a five-star review like leaving a bigger tip at a restaurant. Does your product overdeliver or delight your customer so much that they are compelled to leave a review?  The key is underpromising so you can ensure you ALWAYS overdeliver. The element of surprise is a secret weapon that will create enthusiastic customers who will take the time and leave you that five-star review. These six stars are paramount if you want to achieve success as an Amazon seller. Let me tell you the biggest mistake I see sellers make: waiting until AFTER they’ve launched to strategize how to garner good reviews. Achieving an organic, five-star review should be a step in the product development process, not a reactive step post-launch. Begin there, then proceed to these six stars — the results will speak for themselves.

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