Learn from Tomer in the following articles, podcasts and live lectures

LAUNCH TO WIN How Tomer launches products on Amazon and what's working for him right now. Published: August 2019


WHY SEARCH VOLUME DOESN'T MATTER A new twist on product selection - How to select competitive products and still keep a high conversion rate. Published: August 2019 


A SIMPLE PRODUCT RESEARCH STRATEGY FO MAXIMUM RESULTS Bad images, bad copy, not running PPC correctly... you may be able to do all of these things WRONG, but when it comes to the product it has to be RIGHT. Published: August 2019 


AMAZON LISTING TECHNIQUES FOR KEYWORD RESEARCH Tomer places a special emphasis on investigating his top competitors to find the best information for what CONVERTS and has found new ways to utilize Helium 10 tool favorites like Cerebro and Magnet. Published: March 2019 

PRODUCT SELECTION Watch Tomer's video lecture at the Scaleforetail event organized at Amazon HQ in the UK. Tomer covers his simple crietria when selecting new products and how to find those products. Published: November 2018 

KEY PRIVATE LABEL FREELANCERS FOR OUTSOURCING YOUR AMAZON BUSINESS An article inspired by Tomer's previous business structor. Published: March 2018