What is Mastermind Coaching and how did it all start? Tomer gave a lecture at The Culture of Achievement event, held in Romania once a year. At the end of the conference, Tomer sat down with the organizers and thought how can they help their attendees further. They have come to the conclusion that the best way to grow is through a mastermind where they will meet each other once a week, whether physically or online, and share what works/does not work for them - Strategies, assistance for each other, etc. There are still a few issues that rise when having a mastermind: 1. Each seller is at a different level. 2. There is no structure for the meetings. 3. People start to skip the meetings. 4. Some feel like they share more than others. 5. The knowledge is shared and quickly everyone feel like there is nothing to learn from the group. Therefore, they came to the conclusion that there should be a "coach" for that group - A more experienced seller who can give them knowledge, experience and guidance.  

How Does It work? * Each group will consist of 5 Amazon sellers. * The sellers in your group will be in a similar level to yours. * You will meet with Tomer as a group once every two weeks. * All sessions are conducted online in a video call. The sessions are recorded and downloadable at the end of the session together with the presentation from that lecture. * In the weeks when you do not meet with Tomer, the group still meets without him and talks about topics that he will define in advance. * There will be a total of 7 meetings with Tomer over a 3 months period. The content of the meetings varies from group to group - You will decide on the topics during the first meeting and modify the topics as needed while on the move. * The meetings will last between one and a half hours to two hours each time. There will be an hour of content and another hour for questions - you can also ask general questions that are not related to the contents of the lecture. * At the end of each session, Tomer will provide you with a series of actions that you have to make until the next meeting. Everything will be tailored to your specific business and situation. * The goal is that at the end of the coaching process the group will continue alone with a clear plan in which everyone already knows everyone's businesses.  

What will be the contents of each meeting? * Meeting 1 - Introductory meeting, setting goals for the next 3 months and selecting the topics you will talk about. You will also take a first look at each Amazon store of the sellers. * Meetings 2-6 - You will decide on the topics to discuss in the first meeting, some of the options are: * Product selection and product research. * Product listing optimization. * Work correctly with PPC, AMS, keyword research & Brand Analytics. * Operational management of the business - how to manage tasks, daily work, saving files, etc. * Recruitment and outsourcing of the business. * Launch products and generate reviews. * Inventory management, profitability analysis, cash flow. * Meeting 7 - Summary, going over the goals set and planning for the continuity of the group without Tomer.  

What do your partners over at The Culture of Achievement manage? * The partners manage the logistic aspects - registration, payment, coordination of the day and time of the meetings, etc. Tomer is the one who provides the coaching itself and the partners handle the logistics around it.  

What information should you share with group members? * You must share the products you sell on the first call. Tomer makes sure that the rest of the sellers are in a different category and that there are no conflicts in the products/niches you sell so there will be no direct competition. Tomer makes sure to bring only reliable people to the program and make sure everyone signs an NDA that you are not allowed to share content from the program or what products others are selling. ** Product sharing is mandatory. If you do not want to share the products you sell with the rest of the group, the program is not for you. 

Is there a one-on-one coaching option with Tomer? No, apart from the fact that the cost will be significantly higher, after Tomer personally coached dozens of sellers, he's confident this coaching system is the best way to go. The significant advantage here is that you are going through the same process with a few other sellers that are at the same stage and they are pushing each other forward, even after the process itself ends.

Important information: * During the coaching, Tomer will send additional content that he wrote or recorded in English, as well as provide you with spreadhseets he's working with in his own business. * Questions can be asked by e-mail during the 3 months. There will also be tasks that Tomer will ask you to send him what you did before each meeting. * This is not for everyone - You will have to work hard and take action. You must take the time to work on the tasks Tomer will give you until the next session. Some tasks will be more demanding than others.

How much does it cost? (see the chart below) Depending on the average monthly revenue, and so will the group you will be coached with. Phase 0 = Between $0-$10,000 monthly revenue = $900 for 3 months Phase 1 = Between $10,000- $50,000 monthly revenue = $1,400 for 3 months Phase 2 = Between $50,000- $100,000 monthly revenue = $2,300 for 3 months Phase 3 = Over $100,000 monthly revenue = $ 3,500 for 3 months * The content of the groups varies from level to level. ** Full payment is made before the first meeting. You can get a full refund at the end of your first meeting, but you cannot get a refund afterwards. *** At the moment Tomer is not offering coaching for sellers under $50,000 a month. In case you are between $0-$50,000 you will be coached by someone else who was coached under Tomer's guidance and Tomer will be assisting the coach throughout the training.  


"By the time the coaching ended, I had 3 new products on the way, 2 new employees and my whole business systemized"

- Constantin Olaru

"My business has doubled since I finished his coaching program, and continues to grow" 

- Kim van Iersel

"The tips and tools Tomer have provided me with more than paid for the coaching in just a few months time"  

- Shmuel Lipson


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