What is Mastermind Coaching?

First, a "Mastermind" is a group of people at the same level who help each other grow and solve problems.

“Mastermind Coaching” is basically the same group, but with a mentor who directs the group and helps them reach their goals, which is where Tomer comes in.

The program was initially created together with ‘The Culture Of Achievement’ organization who organizes international events and meetups in Romania.

What is the purpose of the Mastermind group?

The mastermind is a catalyst for growth as e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Tomer’s unique method is tailor-made for the group needs and takes live examples from the current businesses. The group challenges each other by sharing goals and solving problems, brainstorming ideas and supports each other with total confidentiality and respect. 

Who is the mastermind for?

Hungry sellers who are willing to work hard and scale their business.
Between each session, the sellers will have to implement methodologies they have learned by Tomer, which will take a few hours of work for that two week period. This program is not for everyone - You will have to work hard, ask questions, debate, implement and dive deep.

How does it work?
* Each seller is hand-picked to the program.
* Each seller in the group is chosen with similar levels to yours such as knowledge, business’s stage, growth rate, etc.
* Tomer makes sure every seller will be in a different category/niche.
* Each seller shares their store and products from the first call, all sellers sign an NDA document. 

What is the schedule?

* The group is gathered once a week on online video calls.
* Once in every two weeks, Tomer provides a session on a different subject each time while talking specifically about the group’s businesses, products and current situation. 
Afterward, there’s room for Q&A and at the end of the call Tomer provides assignments to complete for the meeting which takes place two weeks later.
* Each call lasts for 90-120 minutes.
* On the weeks Tomer is not part of the live sessions, the group meets without him to discuss several subjects such as current challenges that the business is facing, practicing the tools and assignments they were asked to do and building a strong connection as a small community.
*All data is stored in an interactive platform that the sellers can use once the coaching is over. Data means all lectures, videos and tutorials, presentations and excel files.

This way, no time will be wasted on the call to cover theory or explaining spreadsheets, all time is dedicated to talking about each business individually and practically.

Topics that will be discussed in the meetings :

* There might be adjustments depending on the group’s needs.

1. Introduction & Goal Setting
In the first meeting, we will set up the agenda. You will also take a first look at each Amazon store of the sellers and set up goals for the next 90 days.
The meeting will be performed by personal assistant Moran which is a former Amazon seller herself and an HR manager in various companies.  

2. Product Selection
Tomer will share his methods to find products in a changing and compatible arena such as Amazon. Tomer will discuss his 3 ways of selecting products while providing his own spreadsheet which simplifies the process.  

3. Product Listing Optimization
Tomer will drill down each listing of the participants and will give his analysis by the methodologies which he uses and developed and will give new examples of products that can suit each individual.

4. Hiring & Operations part 1
Hiring employees, organizing files, data, team communication and task management on the day-to-day basis. Tomer will share his personal ideal organizational chart and templates for hiring employees.

5. Launching & Reviews
Launch products effectively and get organic reviews. Here as well Tomer will share his spreadsheet which explains the process.

6. Operations part 2
Going deeper into the Operations part of the business, while also covering inventory forecasting, profitability and managing cash flow.

7. PPC, AMS, Keyword Research & Brand Analytics
Tomer will share his methodologies for keyword research for the listing, PPC & AMS actual techniques, strategies to PPC management and effectiveness of the different tools on the market. Here as well Tomer created a tool for keyword research that works in synergy with Amazon’s internal tools.

8. Customer Service and Summary
How to manage negative reviews by showing live examples and a summary of the coaching process, while providing ways to keep the mastermind group alive without Tomer.

How much does it cost?

The coaching is for sellers who are selling in revenue of 7 figures yearly. The cost is $4,000 for 4 months of meetings and counseling.
* Full payment is made before the first meeting. You can get a full refund at the end of your first meeting, but you cannot get a refund afterward. 
* There are 7 meetings with Tomer total, 1 meeting with his assistant every two weeks, which makes it about 4 months total.  
*You receive 24/7 support on WhatsApp and email if needed.

Opening frequency

The groups are open every month, 2 groups run simultaneously as a morning session mostly for Europeans & Israelies and evening time for Americans, EST morning time.



"By the time the coaching ended, I had 3 new products on the way, 2 new employees and my whole business systemized"

- Constantin Olaru

"My business has doubled since I finished his coaching program, and continues to grow" 

- Kim van Iersel

"The tips and tools Tomer have provided me with more than paid for the coaching in just a few months time"  

- Shmuel Lipson


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