What is amazon simplified?

The initial launch was limited to 100 people and sold out in a few days,

however, the program is available for everyone at any time.

Below are the details about the program, you can register now and save your spot.

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10 weeks process

The Topics

Here are the topics, one topic per week:


In the first module, I will talk about the most important questions which led you into the Amazon business, Why is it so important to set goals and enter with open eyes before diving deep into the professional side.


Product Selection & Expanding your brand

In the second module, I will explain my methodologies for choosing the right products by giving examples and methods to analyze the profitability.


Product Sourcing & Improvement

In the third module, we talk about bringing in the best quality products possible, building relationships with your suppliers, and going over a few checklists of what’s needed to have a winning product.


Organic reviews strategies and Customer Service

In the fourth module, you will learn about what gets your real customers to leave 5-star reviews, which is done by creating an amazing customer experience.


Listing Creation & Optimization (Keywords & Images)

In the fifth module, I will talk about how to make your listing better than your competitors, both in your keywords and your images.


PPC – Campaign structure & maintenance

In the sixth module, I will explain what I’ve seen working when it comes to campaign structure and PPC maintenance for the long-term. A method that is scalable and easy to manage as you grow.


Initial reviews & launching

In the seventh module, I will break down how to have a successful launch while taking into consideration all of the moving parts. Anything from getting the initial reviews and getting ranked on page 1.


Inventory Management

In the eighth module, we will understand the importance of inventory flow in terms of reordering, shipping, IPI score, and cashflow. Staying in stock and not getting overstocked is a key component for your winning products.


Hiring and Systems

In the ninth module, I will talk about hiring employees, creating SOP’s, creating simple systems for you and your team, in order to help you scale your business while figuring out how to work less in the process.


What’s Possible

In the final module, I talk about scaling the business and creating future plans. I host some of my best friends in the industry who will give you the inspiration to dream big.

Join my brand new program

Amazon Simplified

By sharing my best content, tutorials, tools, and interviews with my best friends in the industry, I get the chance to simplify this entire Amazon business for you.
Over this 10 week program, I will be going over the main topics of this business in detail and explain the best I can from my knowledge and experience in the past 5 years.

Have questions?

Frequently asked questions

What is Amazon simplified?

Amazon simplified is a 10 weeks program that can help you to scale up your business with the tools and methodologies I developed throughout the years while selling on Amazon and coaching hundreds of Amazon sellers.

Who is it for?

  1. Active Sellers for at least a year – It doesn’t matter if you only have one product or hundreds of products, I want sellers who are actively selling and ready to take action.
  2. Genuine Sellers – Sellers who are looking to run their business in a legitimate way with no black hat tactics or TOS violations.
  3. Ego-free – For my other programs you cannot pay through the website because we validate every seller that joins. For this program, anyone can join, but I do prefer working with sellers that talk at eye level and keep an open mind to learn new things.

What will I be getting from the program?

You will receive full access to DRIFT – An education platform where I will share videos, tutorials,  interviews, and tools.
At each given time throughout the program, you can reach my team and receive responses to your professional questions concerning the relevant content for that week.

How does it work?

Once you click on ‘sign up’ and pay for the program, you will receive an email from my team which explains the whole process, you will receive access and start right away. You will receive all the modules built especially for this program.

What are the topics for the 10 weeks?

Here are the topics:
1. Mindset
2. Product Selection & Expanding Your Brand
3. Product Sourcing & Improvement
4. Organic Reviews Strategies & Customer Service
5. Listing Optimization & Creation (Keywords & Images)
6. PPC – Campaign Structure and Maintenance
7. Initials reviews, Launching & Outside traffic
8. Inventory Management
9. Company Structure & Systems
10. What’s Possible

How much does it cost?

The cost for the early birds cost 1,000$ until December 1st.
For anyone who signs up afterward, the price will be 1000$.

Do i get to keep the content while the program is over?

You receive lifetime access to all program’s content, including all future updates to the program.



Tomer was at the forefront of strategy and thinking, and no one else was saying the things that he was saying.

-Matt Sevior

"If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, or believe there must be a simpler way, then this course is the gift you give yourself."

Tomer will tell you that he used to be a Magician, but I will tell you that he is Magic!

He will magically transform the complex into easy to understand logical and practical steps with his unique approach. Tomer is a great teacher who is genuinely invested in your success. He is generous with his time and patient to a fault and though he may start as a teacher and mentor he will surely end up as a dear friend.

-Angela Allen

"I need to say that Tomer got the best content out there. He is a real magician."

-Bogdan Iacob

"I was amazed to discover more and more about each step in this business"

Such amazing content!
After selling on Amazon for about 4 years I felt that it is the perfect time to simplify my 6 figures business. We run this business together with my husband and have one employee for customer service.
Exactly at that point in time, I came across Tomer’s post about the Amazon simplified program, without thinking twice I signed in.
This was the best and the fastest decision I have made lately.
While waiting for the contact of week 9 which was about the correct structure of the business, the hiring part, and the simplified way to run it, I was amazed to discover more and more about each step in this business, especially I liked your different approach to product selection, reviews strategy, and PPC simplification and started implementing those in my business
Except for being a great person with the will to help others and interesting goals for life, Tomer is a great teacher.
Especially I liked the posts when Tomer encouraged us to take action and participate.
I really feel that through this course, Tomer taught us what he means by over-deliver, and made his magic by simplifying things
Thank you so much, Tomer.

-Ana Kupershtein

"The last week of the program, which talks about systems and processes, was mind blowing."

-Daniel Sofer

"Tomer in his special way manages to teach us what a complete overdeliver experience is."

I do not know what made me sign up for this program. At the end of the day, I was quite saturated with promises and dreams. But what I discovered was just amazing. Tomer in his special way manages to teach us what a complete overdeliver experience is. The program as it is called – simplifies all the issues that a seller has to deal with. Thank you Tomer for a great experience and such amazing content!

-Aviad Levy

"Each week I have learned something valuable and that information made a huge impact in my business."

-Ada Bojan

"I already have a team of employees in my business and systems in place but in this course, I got a different point of view about that area and how to manage it in a better way."

I am selling on Amazon for about 4 years now and running multiple SKUs and I personally feel like this is the BEST value for money I ever spent in my “Amazon career” (LOL) ever since when it comes to learning about this business model.

I did purchase some Amazon courses here and there…

but this is by FAR the best one for advanced sellers that I got to pay for.

it’s very detailed, everything is simplified to step-by-step actions, and in that kind of business, I think this is extremely important to have systems for every little piece of the puzzle…

which in my opinion with talks of many other sellers, I think they don’t really pay attention that much to set up systems in their own businesses…

I found here lots of value and many things to work about and improve in my own business

I already have a team of employees in my business and systems in place but in this course, I got a different point of view about that area and how to manage it in a better way.

Thank you very much!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s going to ask me about it 🙂

-Tal Tomer

"For me, the biggest take away from Tomer's program, is really the clarity it gave me for uncertain subjects"

-Gergely Hári

"This is the perfect course to help you re-direct and get back on track navigating the Amazon waters"

Signing up for Tomer’s course, Amazon Simplified, was one of the best decisions I took this year! I knew Tomer from the online world, as I had seen many of his talks on various channels, so I knew I was to expect something valuable. But, as he usually seems to be doing, he managed to exceed my expectations. I would not recommend this course if you are really at the beginning and don’t have a product yet, as it could be quite overwhelming. But once you had brought a product in and had hit a few issues (that’s where I found the highest value), this is the perfect course to help you re-direct and get back on track navigating the Amazon waters (the online ones, just to be clear  ). I had been selling on Amazon for 1.5 years and I went through a lot of learning material ( courses, videos, podcasts, conferences, etc. ) and THIS was my favorite of all of them. Thanks again Tomer for doing this!

-Mihaela Popa

"His methods are, by definition, simple and in the meantime, have a deep and profound business understanding."

-Guy Engler

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