What is amazon simplified?

The initial launch was limited to 100 people and sold out in a few days,

however, we will be opening the doors again on December 7th 2020.

Below are the details about the program, you can register now and save your spot.

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10 weeks process

The Topics

Here are the topics, one topic per week:


In the first module, I will talk about the most important questions which led you into the Amazon business, Why is it so important to set goals and enter with open eyes before diving deep into the professional side.


Product Selection & Expanding your brand

In the second module, I will explain my methodologies for choosing the right products by giving examples and methods to analyze the profitability.


Product Sourcing & Improvement

In the third module, we talk about bringing in the best quality products possible, building relationships with your suppliers, and going over a few checklists of what’s needed to have a winning product.


Organic reviews strategies and Customer Service

In the fourth module, you will learn about what gets your real customers to leave 5-star reviews, which is done by creating an amazing customer experience.


Listing Creation & Optimization (Keywords & Images)

In the fifth module, I will talk about how to make your listing better than your competitors, both in your keywords and your images.


PPC – Campaign structure & maintenance

In the sixth module, I will explain what I’ve seen working when it comes to campaign structure and PPC maintenance for the long-term. A method that is scalable and easy to manage as you grow.


Initial reviews, launching & outside traffic

In the seventh module, I will break down how to have a successful launch while taking into consideration all of the moving parts. Anything from getting the initial reviews and getting ranked on page 1.


Inventory Management

In the eighth module, we will understand the importance of inventory flow in terms of reordering, shipping, IPI score, and cashflow. Staying in stock and not getting overstocked is a key component for your winning products.


Hiring and Systems

In the ninth module, I will talk about hiring employees, creating SOP’s, creating simple systems for you and your team, in order to help you scale your business while figuring out how to work less in the process.


What’s Possible

In the final module, I talk about scaling the business and creating future plans. I host some of my best friends in the industry who will give you the inspiration to dream big.

Join my brand new program

Amazon Simplified

By sharing my best content, tutorials, tools, and interviews with my best friends in the industry, I get the chance to simplify this entire Amazon business for you.
Over this 10 week program, I will be going over the main topics of this business in detail and explain the best I can from my knowledge and experience in the past 5 years.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Amazon simplified?

Amazon simplified is a 10 weeks program that can help you to scale up your business with the tools and methodologies I developed throughout the years while selling on Amazon and coaching hundreds of Amazon sellers.

Who is it for?

  1. Active Sellers for at least a year – It doesn’t matter if you only have one product or hundreds of products, I want sellers who are actively selling and ready to take action.
  2. Genuine Sellers – Sellers who are looking to run their business in a legitimate way with no black hat tactics or TOS violations.
  3. Ego-free – For my other programs you cannot pay through the website because we validate every seller that joins. For this program, anyone can join, but I do prefer working with sellers that talk at eye level and keep an open mind to learn new things.

What will I be getting from the program?

You will receive full access to DRIFT – An education platform where I will share videos, tutorials,  interviews, and tools.
In addition, you will be joining a Facebook group where every week you will be updated about the week’s topic and agenda.
At each given time throughout the program, you can reach my team and receive responses to your professional questions concerning the relevant content for that week.

How does it work?

Once you click on ‘sign up’ and pay for the program, you will receive an email from my team which explains the whole process, you will receive access and start officially on December 7th receiving all the modules built especially for this program.

What are the topics for the 10 weeks?

Here are the topics:
1. Mindset
2. Product Selection & Expanding Your Brand
3. Product Sourcing & Improvement
4. Organic Reviews Strategies & Customer Service
5. Listing Optimization & Creation (Keywords & Images)
6. PPC – Campaign Structure and Maintenance
7. Initials reviews, Launching & Outside traffic
8. Inventory Management
9. Company Structure & Systems
10. What’s Possible

How much does it cost?

The cost for the early birds cost 750$ until December 1st.
For anyone who signs up afterward, the price will be 1000$.

Do i get to keep the content while the program is over?

You receive lifetime access to all program’s content, including all future updates to the program.



"The coaching provided me with robust, proven and easy to implement procedures"

“When I had the opportunity to have Tomer coach me I grabbed it with both hands. Tomer is one of the smartest people doing Amazon right now and to have him look deep into my business and provide structured coaching & key strategic business advise has been priceless.

Tomer puts a lot of time and effort into his programme and runs it in a highly professional manner. The coaching provided me with robust, proven and easy to implement procedures and techniques that really advanced my business. He specifically helped me with how to hire staff, customer review management, product launching & ranking and product selection.

One year on I am pleased to say that not only is my business now in a much stronger position, but I have gained a great friend.”

-Paul Bristow

"In 9 months my Amazon business has OCTUPLED in size"

“When I met Tomer at China Magic in October 2018 it was a game changer for my business. Tomer teaches a very refreshing style free of “hacks” to set your business up for long term gain. His product selection system is by far the easiest and successful I have ever used, that alone can 10x your business easily in a year. In 9 months my Amazon business has OCTUPLED in size. Thats just from his product selection protocol alone. Tomer runs a successful business outsourced to people around the world and he shares the ins and outs of all of it, and how you can implement his systems to systemize your business over time too.

I highly recommend working with this man, he has a great attitude, never makes you feel like you shouldn’t be asking a question, is full of amazing knowledge that can catapult your business to the next level.”

-LeeAnn Harper

"A single piece of advice that came at the right moment got me a profit of $18,000"

-Veronica Sticlaru

"By the time the coaching ended, I had 3 new products on the way, 2 new employees and my whole business systemized"

“Tomer’s coaching completely changed my Amazon business. He helped me turn the operational chaos into working systems and made me realize how to run and grow my company. The coaching provides detailed structures on how to set everything up from product research, launching to hiring and task management. What I learned from him was beyond just Amazon, it was a way of doing things and of running a business in an efficient way, any business.

I first entered his coaching after it was recommended to me by a friend, but I did not imagine how much value I would get out of it. By the time the coaching ended, I had 3 new products on the way, 2 new employees and my whole business systemized. It was like a breath of fresh air, and I sincerely think it pales in comparison to any amazon course out there, and I did quite a few, nothing comes even close. Doing his coaching was the best business decision I ever made!”

-Constantin Olaru

"Unlike other gurus, he teaches you what is actually working in his own business right now"

“Tomer has helped me streamline and systemise my business in every area to take it to the next level. The continued support and the weekly calls with my mastermind group have been invaluable. Unlike other gurus, he teaches you what is actually working in his own business right now, giving you up to date strategies, tips and tricks, and how you can implement them in your own business.

I can’t recommend Tomers coaching enough. If you are sitting on the fence, just do it. It will be the best investment you ever make.
Thank you Tomer.”

-Holly Llewellyn

"Tomer gives his heart out and doen't end a meeting until everyone understood what he taught"

“I did two coaching processes with Tomer (6 months straight) and it took my business to a whole other level. The knowledge he gives is at the highest level possible and once applied you can see immediate results. As a part of the coaching, we also learned how to organize our business, how to hire employees and create a system that will not hurt our sales and performance over time. Tomer gives his heart out and doesn’t end a meeting until everyone understood what he taught. One of the best things he pushed us to do is to keep having weekly calls with each other and share our knowledge. Even now, a year after the coaching ended, we still meet on a weekly basis and help push each other businesses.

Tomer really changed my thinking and understanding about Amazon – I keep growing my business and have the systems in place to scale.”

-Yossi Halperin

"We covered everything we need to know in order to hit our revenue target and it was all personalised on our own businesses"

“First of all, Tomer gave me clarity on my Amazon business. And we all know that the worst you can do in this world full of information is not to have a goal, but just working without knowing your numbers. If until meeting him the things were unclear and sometimes I took decisions based on intuition, now I know where to access the data and how to interpret it. What I liked the most in his mastermind program was that the information was very structured, we covered everything we need to know in order to hit our revenue target and it was all personalised on our own businesses. Now I am working to get to my next milestone and start the next stage of the mastermind with him again.”

-Corina Ciobanu

"My business has doubled since I finished his coaching program, and continues to grow"

“I first learned of Tomer’s coaching program via a friend from my Mastermind group, who had just finished it and was very enthusiastic. I’m so happy that I decided to join; Tomer is very knowledgeable and he genuinely cares about your success. He always goes the extra mile and has one of the sharpest minds I know. He explains his methods in a very clear and structured way and makes sure that you have everything you need to implement them in your own business.

What I love about Tomer is that he doesn’t just teach the latest tricks and hacks, but rather focuses on teaching a collection of systems he has developed, that have brought him to where he is today. I truly believe that this is one of the most important things if you want to achieve long-term success as an entrepreneur; to have a solid foundation to build your business on.

My business has doubled since I finished his coaching program, and continues to grow. Before, I sometimes felt like my success in Amazon was based more on ‘luck’ than on anything else. His coaching has given me the knowledge, skills and confidence I needed bring my Amazon business to the next level.”

-Kim van Iersel

"The tips and tools Tomer have provided me with more than paid for the coaching in just a few months time"

“I decided to join Tomer’s mastermind coaching with a few other sellers that were all doing over 10k a month in sales.

In just a few months, my business took a big step forward. We covered all of the regular topics from product selection, keyword research, PPC, launching, etc, but on a much deeper level than what you will get in regular courses/training. The tips and tools Tomer provided us with were practical and helped me build a more professional and better business. After the first 3 months were over, I decided to join another group doing over 30k a month in sales, and most recently joined an event Tomer organized for sellers doing over 50k a month in sales.

I highly recommend Tomer’s coaching program to anyone who started seeing success in their business and wants to take it to the next step. The tips and tools Tomer have provided me with more than paid for the coaching in just a few months time, and still help me grow my business month after month.”

-Shmuel Lipson

"When Tomer saw my product he told me in 10 seconds that I will make easily 10000$ a month and in a month I did"

“This is not a review for Tomer. This is a review for you – The one that is looking for help. I paid two very expensive courses about how to run a business on Amazon. I worked and studied so much that my mind was blocked with so much information.
Then I met Tomer at the first Culture of Achievement event. He was so willing to share, so available, (for example – We all ware eating but he was speaking the entire time answering everyone’s questions.)
There were many good speakers but he was the most precise and logical with very detailed worksheets and exact steps about how to sell successfully on Amazon.
I instantly knew that I need to be in a Mastermind with him.
And I did. What he told me that I will accomplish I’ve accomplished and more.
When Tomer saw my product he told me in 10 seconds that I will make easily 10000$ a month and in a month I did. He told me that I will make 50000$ on Christmas and for me, this dream was like a fairytale and I told my self: “Tomer didn’t tell me I will make 50000$ without doing any work, so I did everything he taught me and on last December, I made $138,000.
I went to special events just because Tomer was there because I know how good he is on “SELLING Quick on Amazon with Success”.
I feel sorry about every person that wants to sell on Amazon and does not know Tomer. He is such an honest and fair person, he is always present when he talks with you, it’s like nobody is more important for him at that moment than YOU. He is such a beautiful spirit and soul. Every time I recommended an event was because Tomer was one of the speakers.
With Tomer you really understand how an Amazon business works, every other course was so difficult to apply, all they ware saying and teaching was too much with low importance.
I wish you a smart decision and I know you will do very well if you put in the work.”

-Elis Teodorescu

"Tomer’s genuine interest in helping others succeed is woven into the fabric of who he is"

“I first met Tomer in Hawaii at a mastermind event and right away I realized he was teaching the most relevant and practical strategies that were not gimmicks or hack and they actually worked. His step by step approach to explaining things really makes it easy to follow and he has a true gift for teaching and a sincere passion for helping others.
The morning after his presentation in Hawaii, he invited me and my business partner to join him, his wife, and his newborn son for breakfast and was extremely genuine and willing to help. He instantly felt like a friend I’ve known for years.
Since that time we have attended his event in Israel and several other events around the world where he was one of the main speakers. We also hired him to coach us directly for 3 months. I can honestly say that without his insights and help we would not be where we are today. To think we almost sold our tickets to the Hawaii event to put the cash back into the busines, just from connecting with Tomer the cost of that trip has paid for itself 20X over and it was not a cheap trip.
Tomer’s genuine interest in helping others succeed is woven into the fabric of who he is. He’s constantly delivering massive value and he’s sincere to the point where he spends a lot of time learning about your specific needs. When everyone else is going out to explore a city during a big event, he is sitting in the hotel trying to help as many people as he can while he is there.
He is a master at identifying weak points in your business and helping you to clarify strategies to improve and grow. His systems and processes are clear and logical. No noise, just solid business practices that work. In the world of Amazon FBA that is hard to come by. I’m forever grateful for his coaching, guidance, and friendship.”

-Sean Brandon Davis

"We continue to become more productive and profitable each day just by implementing a few tools and techniques"

“Tomer is a great teacher and mentor. He helped me and my business partner (Sean) get organized with a few of our internal processes for task management and hiring. We were able to implement things like Asana and a few of the product research methods he showed us. It’s been extremely helpful in stabilizing our business. We continue to become more productive and profitable each day just by implementing a few tools and techniques.

The big thing with Tomer is he cares about sellers. In my mind, the only reason he charges for this service is to keep YOU accountable. Otherwise, he continues to help any way he can and even follows up on progress. Class act and one of the great minds in the Amazon space.”

-Brendan Pettit

"My revenue doubled and I got clarity and control over my business"

“The first time I saw Tomer on a stage, back in 2017, I was very impressed. He talked about how to easily create a system and how to know all the important numbers in your business at any given time. One and a half years later, after I spent with him a 3 days workshop in Romania, I knew that I have to take his coaching program as soon as possible. My business was doing pretty well at that time but I was a one-man show.

After the 3 months of training with Tomer, my Amazon business was definitely at the next level – My revenue doubled and I got clarity and control over my business. During the coaching, he gave me easy to implement techniques and systems that helped me to hire new people, find 2 new products and launch them on Amazon, to automatically run PPC, to know and predict my finances better, and much more.

So if you have the chance to be accepted in his coaching program, do it now. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

-Cristi Ignat

"The systems and SOP's he provides will help organize your business"

“Tomer is a great mentor to have. I must say that joining his coaching sessions is the best decision a serious Amazon seller can make because he shares the knowledge that he got from all these years of selling on Amazon. Why wasting time and money and try and test when you can get what works? The sessions are filled with valuable content that you can implement right away and can change your business. The systems and SOP’s he provides will help organize your business. He answers all your questions and gives advice.”

-Cosmin Dumitru

"He listens to his students very carefully and answers each and every question"

“Tomer is the BEST coach I’ve ever had until now. Not only that he is really successful in his Amazon business, but he is also an excellent coach. He listens to his students very carefully and answers each and every question. Two things that I appreciate the most about him: You can always ask him anything in the private WhatsApp group and he’s very inclined to automatization and systematization, which is the foundation for every business.”

-Tina Striker

"I had previously invested a lot in my 'Amazon education' and every call I learned something new and implementable"

“I would highly recommend Tomer’s Mastermind Coaching program to those looking to grow their Amazon business. He goes into a great level of detail on his systems and processes, and how to best apply them to your eCommerce business. Tomer is hugely successful because he is not teaching and doing what most others are. I had previously invested a lot in my ‘Amazon education’ and every call I learned something new and implementable.”


-Paul Nicoll

"Great mastermind course! I have attended a few and this one was the best to date!"

-Heinrich Nell

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